Arbel (Singer)

Arbel has been singing for over 15 years and was classically trained by various professional voice coaches, but primarily by her late Grandmother, Naomi Pinkus who was a well-known opera singer in Israel during the 1960s. The majority of Arbel’s singing career has been singing opera at local venues throughout South Florida, in particular The Center for Spiritual Living in Boca Raton, FL.

In 2012, Arbel collaborated with Frank F.D.T. for one song. After realizing that the collaboration was a success, Frank started to include Arbel in new and upbeat songs. Lil’ Mac soon after became part of the collaboration and quickly ignited the spark.

In 2013, Frank, Lil’ Mac and Arbel created a new sound that mixes several genres that include, rap, r&b, classical, and hip hop. And, what is now called, ‘The Change.’

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