About 1C1TY

One C1TY ultimately means: ‘We’re all One’ – One City, One World, One Team;
Where all individuals assist in each other’s lives to benefit one cause. Love, Peace, Happiness, and unity for all.This is not a religion/cult, but just a new way of thinking.We’re all one, connected through consciousness. We are truth seekers, knowledge spreaders, love makers, and humans of this beautiful Earth.

C1TY, LLC incorporates all aspects of business from C1TY apparel,
promotional aspects of media marketing, entertainment from the C1TY
movement. C1TY apparel consists of the classic C1TY t-shirts to athletic
shorts, women’s boy-shorts, socks, wristbands, car stickers, magnets and
music. C1TY also provides current news on the entertainment industry as
well as popular trending topics. C1TY is constantly looking for new vendors and
distributors to increase the already popular movement of the C1TY.

About ‘The Change’

Continuing the concept of 1C1TY- 1LUV, The Change is a collaboration of three distinguished artists, Frank F.D.T., Arbel, and Lil’ Mac. Combining hip hop, classical, R&B, dance and the 1C1TY message, The Change is a movement to accept contrasting views, passions, and sounds into one harmony.

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